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Reflections Thoughts in Words

73 rd and 74 th amendments and the environment in the Darjeeling Hills – a Qualitative Perspective.

Mineral Spring, Darjeeling, India, an alternative to closed and abandoned tea gardens – a case study.

Analysis of fair-trade Labeling organization International- Darjeeling Tea.

Community Based Disaster Preparedness in the Darjeeling Hills Context National Day for Disaster Reduction

Darjeeling Tea - The People Forgotten

Human-Wildlife Conflict

West Bengal Fact Finding Commission on Environment (Non-Official) North Bengal Bench 12 October 2012 – Siliguri

Relevance of ORGANIC FARMING in the DARJEELING HILLS an overview

Panchayat Raj and Development – A Darjeeling Perspective

Rural Credit and Development in Darjeeling

Rural Development through Rural tourism Thinking away from mass tourism

National Seminar on Science, Technology and Development in the Himalayas

Small Farmers Organic Tea, Sanjukta Vikas Co-operative – A Case Study Organic Farming in Hills.

Solid Waste Management in Darjeeling Municipality